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I'm selling a lot of my clothes, a lot of them are good brand names like Polo, Gap, Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and a lot of stuff from Forever21. A few of them still have tags on them, most of them have not been worn more than once. Look through them and let me know if you find anything you like and I'll give you the sizing and brand details on it and give you a price. Those shoes have never been worn.

Here's the link:

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All purchases are subject to shipping charges, but I ship cheap. Tell me what you want and then we'll figure out shipping, you can pay me via paypal. Just leave me a message and let me know what you want. I'll delete as they become unavailable.

Leopard Patch small Coach bag- its real. was a gift. not my style, wore it once. $25

black leather Coach hobo- also a gift, also not my style. not sure if i ever wore it. $30

another black leather coach. never wore it. no idea where it came from. $20

little mermaid tote with iridescent sequins! so cute. velcrow tab closure. interior pocket. this one i love, you might have to pry it from my cold dead fingers $12

Orange Vera Bradley tote. Definitely wore it but in really good shape. the bottom and the straps are a little dirty but just throw it in the wash and it will be great. $10

Lisa Lill Studio custom made bag. reversible as seen here. Not really worn more than 3 times. you can throw it in the wash. $10

LeSportSac tote. Has little cars and trucks on it. It's super durable and not washable. $6

Beige satiny clutch with peacock beaded design. $8
I cut the inside string out of it. Wore it once. Super cute. Has a small interior pocket. Magnetically snaps closed.

Brown fake leather hobo-ish bag. A great bag. Wore it a lot. Straps are a little frayed. Got it in the city. It's not branded. Has interior pockets. Fits everything in the entire world. $6

Black and white striped bag. Has outside and inside zipper pocket. snaps closed with a top thingy. Very cute. Wore it like 3 times. $8

Vera Bradley weekend bag. REALLY great for traveling. It was a gift and has my name embroidered on it in red, which you can't even really see. There are six interior sections on the sides. The bottom is firm. One exterior pocket. zips closed. I've used it a few times but it surprisingly looks brand new. Not dirty or frayed or anything. $15

Turquoise/Blue Dooney and Bourke weekend bag. Has short tan leather straps and details. You have to hold the handles in your hands it doesnt go over your shoulder. Its kind of boxy shaped. The bottom is firm and it has four little metal things on the bottom so when you put it down it doesn't get dirty. The top closes like a box, the first sides tie with leather strings and then the top two zipper closed. I used it like 3 times, got it in 2005 in San Juan, PR. $40

Red leather coach wallet, $10. kind of beat up on the inside but fine on the outside. NOT tri-fold. has a sticker mark on the inside that you can get off with goo-gone, i just can't find mine.

Black leather coach keychain picture holder. Folds open to hold two mini pictures. closes with a little leather belt closure type deal. It's real. Says coach on the back. Great condition $10

Blue paisley/pastel Vera Bradley tote... I loved this one! used it a lot. not practical for my job now. The straps are kind of worn, especially at the top, but it's very durable and in good condition. Throw it in the wash. $15


i'm sorry, this has to be public.

Yesterday this woman jumped into the polar bear enclosure at a zoo in Berlin. She was treated for injuries to her arms and legs after polar bears attacked her. Hopefully she was treated with a hysterectomy after that because people this dumb should hands down be sterilized.


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... She brought her knees together very firmly, as if to make herself a smaller, more compact unit. Then she placed her hands, vertically, over her eyes and pressed the heels hard, as though to paralyze the optic nerve and down all images inot a voidlike black. Her extended fingers, though trembling, or beacuse they were trembling, looked oddly graceful and pretty. She held that tense, almost fetal poisiton for a suspensory moment-- then broke down. She cried for fully five minutes. She cried without trying to suppress any of the noisier manifestations of grief and confusion, with all the convulsive throat sounds that a hysterical child makes when the breath is trying to get up through a partly closed epiglottis. And yet, when finally she stopped, she merely stopped, without the painful, knifelike intakes of breath that usually follow a violent outburst-inburst. when she stopped, it was as though some momentous change of polarity had taken place inside her mind, on that had an immediate, pacifying effect on her body. Her face tear-streaked but quite expressionless, almost vacuous, she picked up her handbag from the floor, opened it, and took out the small pea-green clothbound book. She put it on her lap- on her knees, rather- and looked down at it, gazed down at it, as if that were the best of all places for a small pea-green clothbound book to be. Agter a moment, she picked up the book, raised it chest high, and pressed it to her- firmly, and quite briefly. Then she put it back into the handbag, stood up, and came out of the enclosure. She washed her face with cold water, dried it with a towel from an overheard rack, applied fresh lipstick, combed her hair, and left the room.
-JD. Salinger